Gary Lee, the former owner of an automotive detail business, was looking for ways to reduce business related expenditures. Metal polish was by far his biggest expense so he began experimenting with making his own. After much research and many iterations, the Green Magic Plus formula was finalized in June 2000.

Gary discovered that his formula was far superior to the other metal polishes on the market. He had tried them all. He was able to achieve a "smoother" shine, and the thinner consistency of his polish made the application/buffing process much easier. Gary was achieving better results in a shorter amount of time.

His auto-detail customers raved about the results, and began asking if they could purchase the polish. Gary had a label designed, ordered materials in bulk, and began producing a product he could sell. In his spare time, Gary has sold thousands of bottles of polish to customers at auto-swap meets, car shows, through mail order and direct distribution.


Green Magic Plus is Christian owned and operated.


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